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Donate to the animals

Homeless and Abandoned animals find a new home through our sanctuary. Many need special diets and medical help to find their way back to health - could you help us?


Becky has always loved animals and tried to find ways to help them have a better life.  She would take the ones nobody else wanted and soon found that people just dropped off unwanted animals at her door because they knew they would not be discarded. She soon found herself spending most of her time and money trying to take care of the 16 horses, 5 dogs and 3 cats (I'm sure there's more by now) that she rescued in one way or another.  Many times friends would help her with huge medical expenses and special feed for the aging malnourished animals that would find their way to her care.

This is when we started thinking that we should band together and start a nonprofit to help care for animals since we already had someone that seemed to fit the bill and had a good working knowledge of what they needed. 

Gods Forgotten Creatures was born.  We are now official and recognized by the Internal Revenue Service as a federally tax exempt 501c3 charitable organization.

We hope to grow and be able to help other organizations and individuals in their efforts of rescuing animals from terrible situations.

EIN: 83-3631652

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